dcacpc99 - Durham Chiropractic 3 weeks ago

Awe man you are killing me; every no gets me closer to a yes..true depends on what you’re asking for; the more you sweat the luckier you get-hum; life hits in the head like a brick🀣(I can’t) hopefully you will survive...thanks for this information

themoderndaywaaaarrior - 3 weeks ago

β€œWorking on the right thing is more important that working hard.” ^absolutely true. . I believe if Elon Musk wanted to build a faster, cheaper, and much sleeker gas-powered luxury sports car that obliterates the current cars on the market, he could. So why doesn’t he? Why doesn’t he just do that and avoid the 9-digit levels of debt that Tesla’s accumulated? Why doesn’t he just do what everyone else is doing? Why doesn’t he just work the 80+ hour weeks making an internal combustion engine car and generate revenue faster, now? To him, why he kills himself innovating upon a failing industry by creating a sustainable (and seemingly impossible) technology is simple: . It’s the right thing to do.

dorra_chi - Evans devon 3 weeks ago

"When you are ready to quit, you are closer than you think". This is exactly what i experienced last month. Thank God i tried one more time.