facefalloff - ☥iceCold❄️🌪☥ 1 month ago

Adele I would love to dance to one of your songs live while you perform , my favorites are “one and only” ,”hometown glory , set fire to the rain”, “someone like you” it’s just those songs make me feel good and I can feel and display every single emotion and become very responsive to your music I have to listen to your comforting music because I have epilepsy and it keeps my brain calm so I don’t have a brain storm and spazz out ,,,,, that would make my life complete to share a moment of stage time with you @adele when I listen to your songs you become my everything and as I dance I give you my all and still listen to your classics I never have enough money to come to your show because of travel and ticket and housing so one day I just keep hope alive

skylove0242 - 손연주 1 month ago

I saw an article about you coming to Korea to perform. You are a singer whom I really respect, and I really want to see you perform in Korea, I respect you. Please be sure to come.