brandaffiliatewanted - Raihan Smith 3 months ago

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autumnautopsy - Autumn Autopsy 3 months ago

Zero is the only shade I'm even considering getting, because it's so pretty and unique. But the quality seems so bad from all the swatches I've seen, I am already done with them.

xxpeachykittenxx - B🐾 3 months ago

I still have Adora from her foiled love release and let me tell you: that’s not what it should look like. These are crap I’m so sorry to say. Her original lipsticks were beautiful. She just doesn’t seem to care about quality as much anymore (imo) it’s all about competing. @paige.ashdown I’m so disappointed. I was gonna buy Adora but u get better pigment on my hand from a lipstick I bought of hers back in 2012

bexkoz - R E B E C C A • K O Z 3 months ago

I love my KVD Lolita Studded Kiss lippy, one of my abso faves, very underrated lipsticks I think. I do hope they haven't broken something that don't need fixing!! 😊

han.rocc - Hannah Rocco 3 months ago

How do these formulas compare to the old in terms of wearability? Like everybody else I’m not super impressed with the pigmentation of these new ones. It seems like a better deal to get the old ones that are on sale at Sephora right now than pay full price for the new.

tennischick0505 - Celeste Ledger 2 months ago

@han.rocc I tried love craft and plan 9. I like them but...I did like the originals. Plan 9 isn’t as pigmented as it used to be. Idk. What’s worse is that the old ones aren’t on sale at Sephora anymore 😭😭 missed out on Piaf

tennischick0505 - Celeste Ledger 2 months ago

@han.rocc I’m also noticing from the swatches that the more bold colors kinda bleed...I’m super oily so I know those colors are just gonna have a field day bleeding and feathering 😰😰