vtbflower - Victoria.t.b 3 months ago

Tulips for the squeak, jasmine for the scent, peonies for scene stealing, and heavenly hydrangea 🌸🌱🌷🌺 plus all the roses!! And so many more!!! And ranunculus natch!!! Xxx

sarapensack - Sara 3 months ago

Hard to pick only 5, but roses, ranunculus, dahlias, stock and I know it's old fashioned but, carnations.

homeagainflowers - home again flowers 3 months ago

Peonies, roses, tulips, lilacs, poppies. I also love sweet peas + ranunculus. Soft, romantic, upturned petals or lovely scents . . . or both. ☺️

maryellencs - 3 months ago

peonies and other multi-petaled beauty... and tulips. 💐