ruvoreps - 1 week ago

Nothing like silence and beauty- wonderful shot

forgottenheritage - Architectural Heritage & Ruins 1 week ago

@aquad82 For pano's you have to prepare the images first. If you are going for a panorama made out of 3 images that each use the maximum image size ratio allowable by Instagram 4:5 then you need to prepare an image that is 5 high by 12 wide (3x4). Then that image can be divided perfectly into 3 along the x axis creating a left, center and right images all at the 4:5 ratio. You can prepare images to specific sizes is PS using a combination of image size and canvas size commands.Once you have the images prepared and divided up you can import them into Instagram ready to post. To create a multipost panorama image select the first image (the left side one first) from your gallery, size it correctly and the press the little button in the bottom right of the image that looks like multiple images. It will then ask you to select the other images in order for the rest of the pano.It will put little numbers next to them showing the order they will appear in a row. You can apply changes to each frame like brightness or detail like you normally would but remember to use the same settings on all images otherwise they will look different from each other and won't seamlessly join up. Try this.

celticgargoyle - 1 week ago

This is beautiful. Thanks for posting a summary with each amazing shot ☺️