wheres.martu - Martina Grigio 3 months ago

I agree! When I went last year for a month traveling solo it was absolutely safe. The police would even come up to me when they saw Cubans were talking to me and ask if I was ok (I felt that was unnecessary for the police to do, but I’m sure it was just to make sure tourists are safe).

domini1989 - Dominique 3 months ago

Yes. Absolutely. So many beautiful men there. So nice and charming for sure. I had a cubano make me a mojito once, he asked where i was from. I told him from the states and wanted my contact information. Of course I gave him my email address. He said he has a cousin in the states, so we hopefully we will meet again! By the way, the best mojito I’ve ever had.

desi.gergova - Desislava Gergova 3 months ago

@mimaincuba For real!! I was so in love that i was considering to go back to Cuba to live with him or to take him in Europe. But then she appeared and opened my eyes. 😂 They are so so charming . 😂

wheres.martu - Martina Grigio 3 months ago

@mimaincuba yes and I actually got money stolen when I was in santiago de Cuba exchanging money. I asked the owners of my casa particular where to exchange money and they told me in a place (basically in the street) and I trusted in their advice because they were nice and I didn’t think they would do that. I ended up getting less money because they’re good at doing “magic tricks” even though I counted the money 3 times. Lesson learned.

mimaincuba - Marissa Daniela 3 months ago

@desi.gergova jajajaja omg really this is a problem. I see it all the time in tourist clubs and bars where Cubans go too. It actually really embarrasses me. Tourist don’t know but any Cuban does and knows what guys are doing.

desi.gergova - Desislava Gergova 3 months ago

@mimaincuba it happened in Palanque in Vinales where i met him🔝🔝🔝🔝😂😂 and i was before this in Havana, there I was warned from my landlady to be careful with the cubans... but women... we never listen 😃😃

joyce_mfr - 3 months ago

LOVED LOVED Cuba🇨🇺🇨🇺🇨🇺! Went just a girlfriend and I & had no issues at all.

apeaceofthesun - Alex Floyd 3 months ago

I had issues. I think it's like any new place to tourists, you should always use caution. After my experience, I would trust the people a little bit less (than with a full heart). I would still go back. But my first experience was daunting. (To give an alternate view)

sara.fitzg - Sara 3 months ago

@dreiblathena lol at the description for this. Maybe we should ditch our Cuban hating boyfriends and holiday over there ourselves to find a new man 😝