100sfakesupreme - 3 weeks ago

I’ve never purchased such a high end watch as a patek, but I would assume the reputation behind the name would be represented with packaging much better than that. Unless it was from a dealer that just stuffs them in the back as inventory I would not purchase from that authorized dealer in the future. I’ve purchased old Cartier tank watches from tourneau that have been presented much better than this. BUT as to the gentlemen who purchased this AP you have a nice timepiece sir 👌🏼

zcr0ft - ♛ Z A C H  C R Ø F T ♛ 3 weeks ago

All these people saying it’s fake, and then claiming to be a watch enthusiast😂 smh. Y’all stupid 😂 do some research before you call things fake😂😂

anandrpoddar - Anand Poddar 3 weeks ago

Thats the packaging which the company send the watch in to its dealers while the high gloss wooden case and rest is shipped separately.

leebailey149 - Lee 3 weeks ago

No Patek would be packaged like that. Unless it was shipped to the client.But That's just wrong. As a watch lover myself,these luxurious Timepieces come in wooden boxes, with the information in a leather folder neatly found under the wooden box. With a beautiful soft cover over the box. #butanywayEnjoyyourWatch

danger_is_my_first_name - 2 weeks ago

Only a true watch aficionado would know that this is how a Patek and other high end watches are delivered. Keep the fancy box. They’re useless. All they do is sit around somewhere.