no.chill.mel - Mel Tan 3 weeks ago

This fucking enrages me. This is not an image just of the past. It is happening and has continuously happened in such ways that white men and folx and get the fuck away with it. I'm angry. So fucking angry

alleycat_0 - Alex 3 weeks ago

What makes me mad is that I know there isn't a heaven or hell so this bastard got away with shit like this and never paid the price for it.

_ruben.cuzcatlan - 3 weeks ago

Wasicū, time has come to step down. 7th generation is on the rise. One strong woman, and one coward white man. #revolution 🦅

vanegasxavier - Xavier Vanegas 3 weeks ago

He probably just lost a bet thinking she didn't have the strength to carry him. Bc machismo you know? But in all seriousness if what it looks like is true then he's one shitty fucker. And they say men these days lack chivalry.