valeria.romann - V A L E R I A 🍕 1 week ago

Don not get married. do not marry if you do not feel the love in the depths of your soul. do not marry, because that does not mean that your life will improve, do not get married because if it is a mistake you will not be able to go back, you will hurt one person and finally you will lose the other person forever. Beyond religion and a marriage, the change is always in oneself, in its interior. Until you dont feel it, will not happen, it does not matter what you do. I think you need time, mature, wait. Do not make more mistakes. ❤ @justinbieber

inggiramadhani - Inggi 4 days ago

Wait a minute. I've just seen this. Unbelievable! What happened to Jaxon's mother? They divorced? 😭