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nemo_croatia - Nenad Hervatin 🌍 1 year ago

Pursuing our dreams and being our full selves allows us to feel alive.  Aliveness doesn’t happen in silence.  Aliveness doesn’t happen in repression.  Aliveness happens in action!

serikjan01 - serikjan01 1 year ago

Классно так много денег.можно инвестировать и купить хорошую дом и завести жену единственную ..а деньги пускай работают на тебя.можно потратить но с умом...

serikjan01 - serikjan01 1 year ago

it's so cool to have money. You need to invest for money to work for you profitable. I would buy a beautiful house in nature and have a wife and children. Buy a big supermarket in the city, and let the money work for you profitable ...