dr.pishdad - 4 weeks ago


jeanne5878 - Jeanne Marie 4 weeks ago

your work is just beautiful! how do you accomplish so much; I’m so impressed. I’m sure you are organized & focused. I have trouble the past few years with achy hands...I’m curious if you stop regularly to stretch your hands or do you use anything such as a glove? I used to have a type of glove when quilting... thank you πŸ’œ

rachelwinters_sewing - rachelwinters_sewing 4 weeks ago

@jeanne5878 thank you☺️ I sew a lot as I enjoy it so much. I don’t find I have problems with my hands but need to stretch from sitting so long. I know that some people find a glove helps but I haven’t tried it myself.πŸ’œ