ashvis80 - AshVis80 1 week ago

Beautiful! 🧑I wanted to ask...were you already named Bobbie at the rescue or did your hoomans choose the name for you? ☺️😘

thatcatbobbie - Bobbie 1 week ago

@ashvis80 the rescue named me β€˜Bobbie Dazzler’ 😸 My humans did think about renaming me but they kept coming back to the name Bobbie and it kinda stuck πŸ‘

_tinttiss_ - Satu 1 week ago

Oh Bobbie, in this short time I've learned to love you already 😍

brendangallier - Brendan M. 1 week ago

You are a precious little Ewok. Congrats on finding a good home. And thanks for posting frequently! My cat, Shaq, and I love checking in on your life.

insta.rads - Rads 1 week ago

The cutest name ever. I was inspired by your story and adopted a stray cat that was visiting my garden. He needed plenty of medical attention and if I didn’t adopt him - he would have been put down. He is brave little @monekey and recovering from the toe amputation after the chronic injury he suffered. He has been kicked out by previous bad hoomans who decided to get rid of him when he was 9 months old. He lived on the streets for almost a year. But he is a happy cheeky boy called Nathan.

nickmoul100 - Nick Moulsdale 1 week ago

@insta.rads are you setting up an IG account for him? Lots of us crazy cat people would follow and even chip in if you need some help. Best wishes to you and Nathan πŸ˜€πŸ‘β€οΈ

thatcatbobbie - Bobbie 1 week ago

@insta.rads this has made Mumma’s Monday! We are so glad you have given Nathan such a safe and loving home! Props to you πŸ’— (also Mumma says you have some beautiful photographs - she’ll head on over to click that β€˜follow’ button now from her personal IG πŸ‘)