hesam0012 - hesameDin 6 days ago

This isnt working in trading . the answer is compounding intrest . thats how to make a million

hodlertees - Bitcoin & Crypto - Hodler Tees 6 days ago

@hesam0012 yes and no, depends on what you are trading. For example your method works if you are investing in mutual funds or stocks with at least a 7 percent yeild. If you invest 300 every month until you are forty (assuming you start in your twenties) you should be able to retire a millionare. You could also become a millionare by making risky trades that pay off. For example I invest in cryptocurrency. If one of the coins i invest in (campuscoin) reaches $1 per coin i will have 100Γ— my momey. It is quite risky though as it could also collapse since it is so volatile